they're not real

there are entities who walk among us, they look and sound like us, they may appear to be just like you and me.


you would have known them for a while, spent time with them, interacted with them, but in the grand scheme of things they really haven't been in your life all that long.


they may appear charming, fun, caring, intelligent. they talk a lot about themselves, their past, good and bad, their future, plans and fears.


but be warned, they are not real.


the words they speak are just that, words.


you will come to realise that about 90% of what they say never happens.


the 10% that does come in to fruition is just enough to keep you hooked in their life, that is all the time they need you.


although they give very little, they will demand a lot from you, they will not be shy about asking or taking.


they will make you feel as though giving so much is a good thing for you. they will make you feel needed by them. do not confuse this with them actually being grateful.


because when they no longer need you, to them you will have simply disappeared, dematerialised.


any promises they made are voided instantly.


 all the time, money and energy you put in to them, means less than nothing, to them it is like it never happened in the first place.


these "people" are dangerous.


they are not simply selfish, looking out for themselves.


we can understand selfish people.


we can not ever understand these people.


they have a real need to make you believe them, just so they can prove you wrong.


there is no reason behind this.


i do not think it is done for fun.


i do not think it is done for sport.


it is simply because it is what they do.


you can not change it.


the question of whether they are born this way, or turned this way does not matter.


the fact is they are here.


they are growing in numbers.


they are hard to spot.


but when you do find that one of them has attatched themselves to you, for God's sake RUN.


they will not make it easy to get away.


they will mess with your head and your heart.


but one day you will see them for what they are.


"people" who mearly walk this planet without ever really feeling it.


without ever really contributing to it.


you will realise that if one day they all disappeared this world would be a better place.


trust could be regained.


a light at the end of the tunnel would be seen again for all of mankind.


at the moment that light is being blocked.


the tunnel is filled with lies and games.


the tunnel is filled with the fakers.



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Comments (4)

  1. noahbody

    And it spreads like a contagion….

    April 17, 2015
    1. lostgirl28

      it does, it would be easy for me to fall in to fakeness, but i would rather fall in to isolation than become one of them

      April 17, 2015
      1. noahbody

        April 17, 2015
  2. leahoxley

    How you can say that these are not real girls. Are there faces revealing these facts on you or you just using predication of your mind? Never relies on false declaration and keep check and balance in uk dissertation services and in your own work too.

    May 03, 2017