the game

reel me in,make me believe, make me feel safe, use what you know to destroy me



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Comments (3)

  1. debbaker

    Honey, I know it seems like this person is out to destroy you. But just remember not to give him the power to hurt you. I realize that this sounds like hard to do. Just remember, you will be happy again one day with someone who doesn’t make you feel this way. We all have had are share of relationships that hurt us.

    April 08, 2015
    1. lostgirl28

      thanks,but he was meant to be a friend, he promised he would support me and protect me. it’s hard for me to trust anyone but eventually i did,i believed him

      April 08, 2015
      1. debbaker

        It’s okay, I think everyone of us has been there. Just don’t let one person to cause you not to believe in another. Trust is a powerful thing and when its gone its gone. Hang in there!

        April 09, 2015